Sustainability - RANSA

Ransa takes care of you

At Ransa, people are the most important thing, and we take great responsibility to take care of them and keep their environment safe.

We do this through Ransa takes care of you, our sustainability model, with which we bring wellbeing to all our stakeholders, maintaining the highest standards and aligned to global sustainability commitments.

Our commitments


Ransa Safe Country

We promote a culture of road safety, training our team, third parties, authorities and school children.

Diversity and inclusion

From our role as allies we respect everyone’s diversity and generate work spaces where they feel the security of being themselves.

Occupational health & safety

The well-being of our team is vital for business continuity, our priority is to ensure their safety in our operations.

Strategic alliances

We join forces with our clients and organizations to bring wellness.

Community relationships

We grow with our communities and we are committed to their sustainable development.


Sustainable Mobility

We promote safe routes for our team and the environment throughout our operations and encourage the use of non-polluting means of transportation.

Carbon footprint

We recognize the impact of our operations on the environment and actively seek to offset our footprint.

Waste and resources management

We use our resources efficiently and reduce waste generation through recycling and reuse.


Corporate governance

We maintain a strong internal structure to ensure best practices in our businesses.

Sustainability reports

We measure and publicly communicate our environmental, social and governance management.

Ethics Code

We build an ethical culture of compliance and transparency to ensure the integrity of all the actors in our value chain.

Sustainability policy

Achievements 2021

Sustainability report 2021

At Ransa we seek to positively impact the lives of our teams, customers, communities and the environment. For this reason, we present our 2021 Sustainability report – Perú, where you will find the efforts we are making to achieve sustainable and transparent economic, environmental and social management.

Sustainability report 2021