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Suppliers Portal

Log in for Suppliers

How to log into Supplier’s site EbizLatin
To obtain the user and password to access the site, you need to contact the phone number: 5183360 extensions 365, 366 y 367.
How to log into as Ransa suppliers

Requirements for Approved Suppliers:

  • Current Approved Certification
  • Validity of Powers (including business purpose)
  • Legal Representative’s ID

Requirements for Non-approved Suppliers:

  • Validity of Powers (including business purpose)
  • Infocorp (Risk Assessment Center) report
  • RUC (Tax ID) file
  • Legal Representative’s ID
  • Operating License

To start the evaluation process of your client and be part of our Supplier Master, the requested documents mentioned above must be attached (Approved Suppliers / Non-approved Suppliers) and the application form for suppliers for goods and services must be filled out, as the case might be.

Download form for suppliers of goods
Download form for suppliers of services

Complete information must be sent to the email address: and cc to:

Once the information about your client has been sent, it will be evaluated and will enter to our Supplier Master describes as QUALIFIED, NOT QUALIFIED, QUALIFIED WITH OBSERVATIONS.

The results will be sent to the emails provided.

Supplier Approval

The Validation Process is a Guideline of the Grupo Romero, for both goods and services. It is a process in which the activities, capacities and resources of the supplier are validated according to pre-established criteria made by the company, performed by an independent entity in order to determine or define the qualified suppliers to supply products or services.

To start the Validation Process, you must contact any of the Validation Process companies that work with Ransa, and afterwards you can send your Validation Process certificate to the following email: and cc to:

Empresas Homologadoras

Corporación Hodelpe s.a.c

Srta. Carol Peña Carrillo
Teléfono: 715 – 2876
Celular: 933022836/ 986372482/ 923601878

SGS del Perú s.a.c.

Jenny Villacorta Huerta
Teléfono: 517-1900 anexo 1546
Celular: 995474045 / *695307

Bereau Veritas
Karem Morote

Teléfono: 422 9000 anexo 2006
Celular: 987242835

Mega Certificaciones y Asesoría s.a.c.

Noemí Guerrero Neyra
Teléfono: 221-8792
Celular: 949139613

Minimum requirements for any supplier to enter Ransa

The following information must be sent by email to the following addresses: and cc to: according to detail:

  • IPERC Matrix (Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Establishment of Controls) and IAEI (Identification of Aspects, Impact Assessment) Matrix, considering methods mentioned in RM 050-2013 – Annex 3, item 3.
  • Affidavit of outstanding staff and their labor contracts.
  • T-record (lobor information) of the worker’s date of hiring.
  • Certificate of occupational medical fitness.
  • Annual Occupational Health and Safety Program.
  • Proof of payment and policy of the SCTR (Labor Risk Complementary Insurance) Health and Pension.
  • Affidavit assigning to the Security Supervisor.
  • Security lecture given by INSEGUR to coordinate it with the central 3496869 / Cellphone: 985712902.

Download Security Manual for Contractors-Suppliers of Ransa

Frequently Asked Questions

Invoice Registration
  • Pre-register your invoice in the site of the company Ebizlatin (Download manual) and to be obtain the user and password, contact phone: 5183360 extension 365, 366 and 367.
  • In your physical invoice, you must place with pen or printer the order data, the entry sheet and the acceptance that has been or will be sent.
Who to turn to in the event of a system error
  • Help Desk (supplier support)

    When suppliers request access to the site by user matters, passwords, training modules and all subject related to suppliers, their request must be sent to the email also, they have the following means to contact Help Desk:

    Online chat: log on to the website:
    Phone: 518-3360 – Option 1 o Extension: 333
    Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. / Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

  • Customer Service (support for Grupo Romero users)

    In case of any queries or inconveniences, for example: the non-publication of documents, the problems in the mail alerts. Please send a message to the following address:

    Grupo Romero Advisor Luisa Lopez Inuma Soporte_ebussiness
    Phone: 2068400 Extension: 28571
    RPM: *617629- Cellphone: 945119148

  • Contact for direct suppliers complaints: Silvia Quispe Flores Assistant Manager Suppliers Business Unit
    Cellphone: 945119269 Nextel: 994100157
    RPM: *617669 Phone: 518 3360 Extension: 371
Invoice delivery
You must present your invoice at the following address: Av. Jorge Chávez 154, Miraflores (building basement), at reception hours: Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 am to 12:30 am and from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm and Friday from 9:00 am to 12:30 am and from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Delivery of merchandise and waybill
  • The information about place of delivery, area and contact person are indicated in the purchase order.
  • Prior to delivery, the supplier must reach the contact person to arrange delivery.
  • For deliveries to Ransa San Agustín, prior to that, the supplier must sure to have the SCOR (Ransa Operational Appointment System). The SCOR appointment must be requested to the person who inquired it. ENTRANCE IS NOT ALLOWED AT RANSA SAN AGUSTIN WITHOUT THE SCOR APPOINTMENT.
  • When delivering materials to the contact person, the supplier must ensure that the waybill contains the signature and legible name of the person who received the product, the area seal and date of receipt.
  • After delivery, the waybill should be sent to the supply area, either physically or by e-mail, ensuring that the information is cleary noted.
Changes or return of merchandise
You must ensure that the coordinator of the purchase department details the date, the hour and the location after receiving the confirmation for the change or return.
Pending payments status
You should refer to emails: (511) 245-2000 | extension: 102297 just in the case the payment date is due.
Delivery of retentions

EBIZ-LATIN – Service of delivery of RETENTIONS

Jiuliana Ramos
Phone: 5183360 Extension 365-366-370-395

Felipe Quispe Consultor de Negocios – Ebiz Latin America
Phone: (511) 5183360 (Extension 392)
RPM: #984948266 – CellPhone: 984948266

Jonathan Molero Fuentes – Business Advisor – ebiz Latin America
Phone: (511) 5183360 (Extension 402)
RPM: *617655 – CellPhone: (511) 945119233

(They will help you to print your rententions from the WEB-EBIZLATIN, providing you with a code and the user password) /