History Colombia - RANSA

History of Ransa

We are one of the leading 3PL operators in Latin America, with more than 80 years of experience in supply chain management and design of comprehensive and flexible logistics solutions. We have operations in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.


Start of operations: Cotton Press and National Warehouse
1939<h6>Start of operations: Cotton Press and National Warehouse</h6>

Ransa starts operations in Peru, under the name of Reprensa Algodonera and Almacén Nacional S.A., a company dedicated to the storage and reprensaje of bales of cotton for export, settling in the ports of Callao, Cerro Azul, Pisco, Paita and Huacho


We build the first warehouse in Callao
1950<h6>We build the first warehouse in Callao</h6>

Ransa expands its activities, providing national and international cargo operator service, actively participating in the shipping, storage terminal and transportation business, for which Transportes Ransa S.A.


We changed our name to Ransa Comercial S.A
1974<h6>We changed our name to Ransa Comercial S.A</h6>

The company changes its name to Ransa Comercial S.A. and expanded its portfolio of services including simple warehousing, authorized customs warehouses and cold rooms to which Frio Ransa was named, becoming pioneers in Peru in this area.


Construction of Cold Ransa
1983<h6>Construction of Cold Ransa</h6>

Ransa builds the first warehouses for hydrobiological products in the country, for the refrigerated logistics business unit, created to provide storage and / or processing services for refrigerated and frozen products.


Start of operations in Ransa San Agustín
1998<h6>Start of operations in Ransa San Agustín</h6>

Ransa inaugurates its new Distribution Center in San Agustín, being the largest and most modern in the country with more than 24,000 m2. In parallel, the refrigerated logistics business unit obtained the ISO 9002: 1994 certification


Ransa gets Certifications
1999<h6>Ransa gets Certifications</h6>

3PL Certification – Third Party Logistics and ISO 9002: 1994 certification in our storage terminal business units, Ransa Agencies, Ransa Archive and CASA – Warehouse Company.


Start of operations in Bolivia
2003<h6>Start of operations in Bolivia</h6>

Ransa begins its internationalization process by opening offices in Santa Cruz and La Paz in Bolivia.


Start of operations in Ecuador
2004<h6>Start of operations in Ecuador<h6>

Ransa starts operations in Ecuador in the cities of Guayaquil and Quito.


Start of operations in Guatemala and El Salvador
2005<h6>Start of operations in Guatemala and El Salvador</h6>

Continuing with its internationalization process, Ransa enters the Central American market initiating operations in El Salvador and Guatemala.


Start of operations in Torre Blanca
2007<h6>Start of operations in Torre Blanca</h6>

Ransa expanded its service portfolio, entering the agroindustrial sector through the processing plant and Packing Torre Blanca located in Chancay, Lima-Peru, dedicated to the processing and marketing of fruits and vegetables destined for agricultural exports.


Start of operations in Honduras
2008<h6>Start of operations in Honduras</h6>

Ransa starts operations in Honduras with the acquisition of the Honduras Tax Warehouse S.A. (ALMAHASA).


We buy COLFRIGOS in Colombia and DEPSA in Peru
2013<h6>We buy COLFRIGOS in Colombia and DEPSA in Peru</h6>

Ransa entered the Colombian market with the purchase of Frigoríficos Colombianos (Colfrigos). Also offering the logistic services of General Warehouse of Deposit to the sectors of retail and massive consumption of dry foods. In Peru, Ransa consolidates its leadership in the logistics sector and purchases Depósitos S.A. (Depsa).


We start refrigerated logistics.
2015<h6>We start refrigerated logistics.</h6>

We started the refrigerated logistics business in Guatemala and Ecuador.


We inaugurate SLA Automotive Logistics Service
2016<h6>We inaugurate SLA Automotive Logistics Service</h6>

Ransa reaffirms its leadership building SLA the most modern automotive center located in Lurin.


Inauguration of a new distribution center in Amatitlán and we announce our new last mile service
2018<h6>Inauguration of a new distribution center in Amatitlán and we announce our new last mile service</h6>

Construction of a modern Distribution Center in Amatitlán, Guatemala, marking a milestone in its regional expansion. We implemented a new last mile service.